Fall Games open

Please note the Entry deadlines below. Here's the 2018 Schedule. Also note that Cycling registration opens March 1 (through the Huntsman website)

For online Fall Games registration and payment by credit card:

Please note the Online Credit Card Transaction Policies: Click HERE

Then click Register online

For paper Fall Games registration and payment by check or credit card:

Reconsider online registration -- there is a $10 processing fee for paper registration.

Display what you need, then print pages 1, 2 and maybe 11:

Page 1 (pdf)   Registration Form
Page 2 (pdf)   Athletic Waiver
Page 3 (pdf)   General Information
Page 4 (pdf)   Events: Archery to Bocce Ball
Page 5 (pdf)   Events: Bowling to Dance
Page 6 (pdf)   Events: Golf to Pistol Shoot
Page 7 (pdf)   Events: Raquetball to Shuffleboard
Page 8 (pdf)   Events: Swimming to Tennis
Page 9 (pdf)   Events: Track & Field, Triathlon
Page 10 (pdf)   Events: Walk-a-Thon, Weightlifting/Fitness
Page 11 (pdf)   Team Roster Form



Entry Deadlines:

The entry (registration) deadlines are:

July 31 for the Early Bird $5 discount;

Sept. 1 for Golf, Pistol Shoot, Tennis and Triathlon;

Sept. 15 for Bocce Ball, Rock Climbing, Walk-a-Thon and Weightlifting/Fitness;

Sept. 20 for Dance, Pickleball, Racquetball, Shuffleboard, Table Tennis and Women’s Basketball;

Oct. 1 for all other sports.

If you cannot meet the entry deadline, contact the Coordinator prior to the event. In some cases there may be an available slot, if not then our apologies in advance.

No walk-on entries will be allowed.

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