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NSG Fall Games

Sport: Flyer: Coordinator:
Archery 2018   Charlie Roof
Badminton 2018   Nedra Paschal
Basketball 3-on-3 Women 2018   Gary Cotter
Basketball Skills 2018   James Pauley
Bocce Ball 2018 map Roxann Zunino
Bowling 2018   Jerry Lindsay
Cycling 2018   Tim and Lisa Jones
Dance 2018   Melissa Fukutomi
Golf 2018   Suzaine Hollins and Ben Luebke
Pickleball 2018   Bill Batley
Pistol Shoot 2018   Rick Frizzell
Racquetball 2018   Ray Romero
Rock Climbing 2018   Lacey Jones
Shuffleboard 2018   Lee Wastell
Swimming 2018 map Tom Groce
Table Tennis 2018   Ralph Stadelman and Vincent Schmitt
Tennis 2018   Nedra Paschal and Prinya Tipmongkol
Track and Field 2018 map Martha Watson
  5K Course  
Records   Al McDaniels
Trap Shooting 2018   Suzaine Hollins
Walk-a-Thon 2018   Tom Groce
Weightlifting / Fitness 2018   Jay Dash

More 50+ events

Regional T&F Meet     Martha Watson ( Masters Division )
Softball (Mesquite)     Mesquite Senior Games
Table Tennis WVC 2018   June 2018, 5-year age brackets 40+
Volleyball (Henderson)     Dean Langmaid
Walk Around America flyer   Tom Groce


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Gary Cotter -- Basketball 3-on-3 Women

Growing up in Minnesota, Gary Cotter did a lot of skiing and ice skating in the winter, played baseball, softball and volleyball in the summer. He earned a degree in business with an accounting major at the University of Minnesota. After tax management positions with large corporations he became a CPA, specializing in tax issues. He moved to Las Vegas in 2006, having lived in eleven states along the way. He retired in 2008 and went almost immediately to work in the Nevada Senior Games office. He soon became the NSG Executive Director, holding that position for several years. He ran the weekly Walk Around America program, and was the Walk-a-Thon coordinator. Gary is now the Basketball 3-on-3 Women coordinator and NSG's Accountant.

Jay Dash -- Fitness/Weight Lifting

Jay Dash comes from quite an athletic background. He graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Finance where he was a member of the Penn State National Championship Gymnastic Team. He was then inducted into the United States Marine Corp, Air Naval Gun Liaison Unit, and competed in various Marine Corps field events. He has also participated in numerous marathons and international track and field competitions. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the UNLV International Business School, a member of the District Export Council of the Dept. of Commerce, and president of Jay Dash International, an international business consulting firm. He will be working to reinstate Fitness/Weight Lifting into the NSG repertoire and is that event’s new coordinator.

Rick Frizzell -- Pistol Shoot

Rick was born in Gary, Indiana. He and family moved to western Kentucky during his grade school years where he became very active in basketball (his favorite sport), baseball, and track & field.  As a high school senior, 1975, he was awarded "Most Valuable Player" for the track team, as a long distance runner. During those years, his dad taught him how to shoot and hunt.  After his grauduation, his family made a big move west, ending up in the Las Vegas area. He has continued his love for shooting throughout the years, and most recently has coordinated for Paradise Church their annual fall "Turkey Shoot," with competitions in both trap shooting and pistols. He is looking forward to coordinating the NSG Pistol Shoot competition.

Melissa Fukutomi -- Dance

Melissa began her working life as a high school math and science teacher in Singapore, followed by a career in commodities trading throughout Southeast Asia, as well as trading in commodities futures in both the Asian and European markets. After arriving in the United States she worked in the petrochemical refinery industry, covering Texas with stints in Indonesia. When finally semi-retiring she sold real estate in CA. Along the way she developed an interest in ballroom and Latin dancing, as well as performance choreography. Now fully retired and in Las Vegas, she is pursuing her dance activities as well as working with the Asian Cultural Alliance to bring peoples of all cultures together. Melissa is the NSG Dance Coordinator.

Tom Groce -- Swimming and Walkathon

Native to the northeastern United States (Delaware, New Jersey), Tom competed in high school, college and U.S. Amateur sports. He had an extensive career with both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Government, at one time serving as Military Aide to Vice President Spiro Agnew. He has been on the NATO staff and a Country Director for the U.S. Peace Corps. He earned a PhD from the American University in Washington D.C. and has taught business subjects in universities throughout the world. He enjoys golf and bowling in his leisure time. Tom runs the weekly Walk Around America program, is the NSG Coordinator for Swimming and Walk-a-Thon, and has been a Board Member for years.

Suzaine Hollins -- Golf and Trap Shooting

Suzaine Hollins, transplant from the East Coast, arrived in Las Vegas in 2002. Throughout her college years, and after, she specialized in team sports -- volleyball, basketball, field hockey and her greatest love, softball, where she played third base on the championship Maryland Roadrunners team. After relocating to Las Vegas and continuing her career with the federal government, Suzaine took up golf. It is now her passion. She has joined three women's golf clubs, and is a co-coordinator for NSG Golf and coordinator for NSG Trap Shooting.

Tim and Lisa Jones -- Cycling

Tim and Lisa Jones are a husband and wife team who are the Coordinators of the NSG Cycling event. Lisa was born in New Jersey, grew up in Boulder, CO, where she earned an undergraduate degree in microbiology from the University of Colorado and played on the CU women's basketball team. Tim was born and raised in Indiana but finished his undergraduate degree in exercise physiology at the University of Colorado. After graduation and marriage they moved to Las Vegas for jobs in health related positions. Both are now retired and enjoy tennis, biking, hiking, traveling, cooking and wine making. Lisa is a volunteer Board Member of Family Promise and Tim is a volunteer Board Member of the Arthritis Foundation.

Dean Langmaid -- Volleyball

Dean was born and grew up in a small farming community in Northeastern Vermont. He attended Northeastern University where he first started playing volleyball. He began playing seniors volleyball in the late 1990’s and has been the coordinator for the Henderson Senior Volleyball Games for the last decade. During that time the volleyball tournament has grown from a small tournament of about 15 teams, to 51 teams in 2014. He is always looking for more volleyball players, so contact him if you are interested in playing. Dean is the NSG Volleyball Coordinator.

Jerry Lindsay -- Bowling

Jerry Lindsay was born and raised in Southern California. He had a 32-year career with the U.S. Postal Service, during which time he also became a real estate specialist, arranging and negotiating purchases of qualified properties for the Postal Service. After retiring in 1992 he and his wife, Nannette, moved to Las Vegas where he continued with real estate and she as an IRS bankruptcy specialist. Jerry is active with his church, volunteers with a disadvantaged youth program and enjoys a flourishing acting career, highlighted by an unforgettable role in the 2008 comedy “What Happens in Vegas” with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Both he and Nannette enjoy bowling and have competed for many years in the NSG Games. Jerry is the NSG Bowling Coordinator, the NSG Vice President and the National Senior Game's (click here) "May 2016 Athlete of the Month".

Ben Luebke -- Golf

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Ben Luebke was an all-state high school basketball and baseball player. He went to the University of South Dakota on an athletic scholarship, intending to become a math teacher and coach. After his junior year he was drafted by the Montreal Expos, played two years, but incurred a knee injury and was released to "normal life." He played a couple more years of semi-pro ball in Green Bay, then moved to Las Vegas in the late 80's. He has been a food broker for the past 30 years and enjoys golf in his spare time. Ben is a co-coordinator for NSG Golf and the NSG President.

Al McDaniels -- Track and Field records

Al hails from Bakersfield CA where he was an outstanding track athlete, both at Bakersfield High and Bakersfield Community College. He continued his education at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he was awarded Most Outstanding Senior Athlete. He earned a Master's Degree at UNLV in 1972 and was Head Track and Field Coach there from 1973-1992, earning many honors and awards throughout that time, including USATF Man of the Year and induction in to the UNLV Athletic Hall of Fame. He was a previous NSG Games Director as well as Track and Field Coordinator and Basketball Skills coordinator. He has been an NSG Board of Directors member for close to 20 years.

Nedra Paschal -- Games Director; Tennis and Badminton

A native of Iowa, Nedra and family moved to Roswell, New Mexico in 1952 (five years after the infamous "crash.") A graduate of Eastern New Mexico University, she has over 30 years of teaching experience in high school mathematics and physical education, as well as having coached volleyball and badminton for over 15 years in Southern California. She is mother of two, grandmother of four, all still in California. After retiring she moved to Las Vegas, by way of Laughlin, and is currently active in local tennis leagues. She is a co-coordinator for both NSG Badminton and Tennis, and is the NSG Games Director.

James Pauley -- Basketball Skills

James is a basketball shooting coach and Master Shooter. He was the Overall Champion at the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games where he tied the world record in the Hot Shots event (62) he had set the day before at the Nevada Senior Games. Based in San Diego, CA, where he also coordinated their Senior Games basketball shooting events, James travels throughout the country doing clinics, working camps, and competing in basketball shooting events. James is the NSG Basketball Skills Coordinator.

Ray Romero -- Racquetball

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Ray retired to Las Vegas in 1997. He has been active as both coach and athlete all of his life, playing handball competitively for over 20 years. He then began playing racquetball and running 5k and 10k races. For over 15 years he coached both youth and adult T&F as a volunteer. Ray currently plays racquetball and golf and is looking forward to coordinating this year's NSG racquetball tournament.

Charlie Roof -- Archery

Charlie began shooting at age 12, following in the footsteps of his father, Frank, who hunted with bow and arrow in the Midwest in the 1970’s.  He quickly excelled, soon surpassing his father, and is now one of three professional archers in the state of Nevada.  Soon after Frank retired he and Charlie opened Impact Archery, range and shop, and each can be found there almost daily.  Impact now sponsors the Nevada Senior Games archery tournament. Charlie is the NSG Archery Coordinator.

Vincent Schmitt -- Table Tennis

Born in France, Vincent Schmitt graduated from ENSAM Engineering University in Paris and moved to California in 1998 to work in the CAD/CAM software industry. He moved to Las Vegas in 2007 and has been involved in local table tennis activities for the past 5 years. Vincent is a co-coordinator for NSG Table Tennis.

Ralph Stadelman -- Table Tennis

Ralph Stadelman was raised in Indiana and attended Michigan State University, where he "played table tennis when I should have been studying!" He has been a tournament player since 1965 and competed in the Nevada Senior Games 16 times, as well as 6 National Senior Games tournaments. He's a retired middle school teacher, moved to Las Vegas in 1997, and tutored at UNLV for 10 years. Ralph is a co-coordinator for NSG Table Tennis.

Prinya Tipmongkol -- Tennis

Born and raised in Thailand, Prinya graduated from medical school there in 1961 and was presented his diploma by the King of Thailand, himself. He then came to the United States for an internship in New Jersey. After that he moved to Baltimore for a four-year residency training, became an OBGYN and opened a private practice in 1972. There he met and married Sally, a union of now over 50 years, two children and three grandchildren. He acquired U.S. citizenship in 1973, enlisted in the Air Force, and was a military doctor for almost 20 years, his last six at Nellis AFB, retiring in 1998. Both Prinya and Sally are avid tennis players and very helpful in various organizations, among them Helping Hand of Vegas Valley. Prinya is a co-coordinator for NSG Tennis.

Lee Wastell -- Shuffleboard

A Missourian by birth, Lee Wastell has resided in Las Vegas since 1980. He and his wife, Carolyn, have been avid shuffleboard players since 1993, having won numerous medals in Corporate Challenge and Nevada Senior Games. Lee is president of the Nevada Shuffleboard Association and captain of the Nevada Silver Shufflers, a 16-member team which competes annually in the Western Regional Shuffleboard Tournament. He won a doubles gold medal at the 1999 National Senior Olympics in Tucson. Lee is the NSG Shuffleboard Coordinator.

Martha Watson -- Track and Field

Martha Watson, 4 time Olympic competitor, grew up in Long Beach, California, where she began her track career at an early age. She started as a high jumper, then decided long jump was her best event. She attended, and ran for, Tennessee State University where she became a member of the world famous Tigerbelles. She was a long jumper on the U.S. Olympic team in 1964, '68, '72, and '76 and ran a leg on the 4x100m relay teams in '72 and '76. Martha holds eight U.S. long jump titles, breaking an American record three times. She is also active in local Las Vegas theatre, having performed in several shows throughout the valley. Martha is Board Secretary/Treasurer and the NSG Track and Field Coordinator.

Roxann Zunino -- Bocce Ball 

Native of California, Roxann Zunino moved to Las Vegas in 1966 where she attended UNLV, married and had two children. She has spent the last 37 years making a career at Southwest Gas as an Accounting Manager.  In 1978 she got interested in bocce and has since been instrumental in forming the Bocce Club of Las Vegas, now over 70 members strong.  She has been involved with numerous boards, committees, councils and special events throughout the valley.  Roxann has five children, including 3 sons of second husband Jack, as well as 3 grandchildren.  She also has been active in Sicilian folk dance and tap dance.  Her experiences will be of great benefit to Nevada Senior Games. Roxann is the NSG Bocce Ball coordinator and Board Secretary.

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