Nevada Senior Games

Nevada Senior Games is dedicated to the promotion of a healthy life style for adults 50+ through exercise and athletic competition.

In 1979 a mere seventeen participants competed in six events, sponsored by the Catholic Community Services and held at Paradise Park.

In 1980 Pat Dillingham, a former U.S. Olympic figure skater, and founding members Gene Hardlicka, Roger Hall and Mary Liveratti formed Nevada Senior Games. Staff members of the University of Nevada Las Vegas were instrumental in moving the Games to the campus where the first annual Nevada Senior Olympic Games, a one-day affair in the spring, was staged.

In 1985 NSG incorporated and NSG's Gene Hardlicka was one of 40 state representatives who met in Orlando for a national organizational seminar. The first Nationals was held in 1987 in St. Louis. Bob Hope was the Master of Ceremonies at that event’s closing ceremonies.

From those early beginnings, the Games have grown to include about 20 events, held at various venues throughout the Las Vegas area, and an annual average participation of about 1000 seniors. The Fall Games now span a four-week period during late September and early October. In the Spring NSG holds Volleyball (Henderson) and Softball (Mesquite) tournaments. There is also a year-round walking program.

With your support, and the support of our much-appreciated sponsors, we look forward to the continuance of this rich tradition!



The mission of the Nevada Senior Games, Inc. is:

To promote the health and fitness of adults 50 years of age and older. Primary emphasis is within the state of Nevada, but we welcome seniors world-wide to participate in our activities.



Our goals are to:

1. Encourage older adults to undertake and continue in a health and fitness-oriented lifestyle.

2. Promote good health and physical fitness for older adults in Nevada and world-wide by providing information, education and inspiration through year-round activities, workshops, seminars and other pro-active events.

3. Provide forums for older adults to compete with their peers and to receive recognition for their efforts and achievements in an atmosphere of friendship and support.

4. Focus public attention on the importance of regular activity/exercise as a way to achieve and preserve better health, especially among older adults.

5. Promote a positive image of older adult communities, including opportunities for positive role-modeling.

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