Fall Games closed

2020 Fall Games registration will open April 1, except Triathlon will open January 1.

Please check back later.

Thanks to all 2019 participants!


For reference, here is the prior year's Registration Packet:

Page 1 (pdf)   Registration Form
Page 2 (pdf)   Athletic Waiver
Page 3 (pdf)   General Information
Page 4 (pdf)   Events: Archery to Bocce Ball
Page 5 (pdf)   Events: Bowling to Dance
Page 6 (pdf)   Events: Golf to Pistol Shoot
Page 7 (pdf)   Events: Raquetball to Shuffleboard
Page 8 (pdf)   Events: Swimming to Tennis
Page 9 (pdf)   Events: Track & Field, Triathlon
Page 10 (pdf)   Events: Road Races, Walk-a-Thon, Weightlifting/Fitness
Page 11 (pdf)   Team Roster Form



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