There are many ways you can help Nevada Senior Games --

Your money:


You can write in a donation amount on the Fall Games registration form.

You can send us a check made out to Nevada Senior Games and mail it to our office at 3355 Spring Mountain Rd. #54  Las Vegas, NV  89102.

You can donate online: click Giving Tuesday. Their focus is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, but they accept donations year-round.

Your time:

You can donate your time -- all of NSG's board members, coordinators and assistants are volunteers.

Others' services:

Please see the About our Sponsors page for links to our service donors' websites:

The monthly Senior Connections magazine publishes an article about someone associated with NSG.

The YMCA (Southern Nevada) helps with facilities and promotion.

UNLV helps with facilities for Badminton and Track and Field.

Others' money:

Do you have a rich uncle?

Ok, these may take some of your time to set up, but it benefits NSG and costs you nothing.

Typically, you create an account and designate NSG as the beneficiary. They are:


NSG is now participating in the Smith's Inspiring Donations program. If you, or anyone you know, shop at Smith's or any of their affiliates (Kroger's, Quik Stop, etc.), then:

1) If needed, get a Smith's rewards card account either online or at a customer service desk.

2) Select Nevada Senior Games as your designated charity -- Go online and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Under “COMMUNITY” click on “Smith’s Inspiring Donations”.  Then follow their directions.

3) Use your Smith's rewards card when you shop, and a bit of those $$ spent will accrue for NSG. That's it!

Smith's quarterly Community Rewards are distributed in proportion to spending by people designating different charities. The states served by Smith's are Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. See their website for details.

Amazon Smile

(Their focus is holiday shopping, but their donation works year-round.)

Many NSG supporters are buying toys this time of year. Amazon's Holiday Toy List is a curated list of more than a thousand of the hottest products for kids of all ages and interests, hand-picked by Amazon's toy experts. Let your supporters know that they can generate donations for Nevada Senior Games when they buy items on Amazon's Holiday Toy List.

Everytime you shop AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Nevada Senior Games!

Keep us in mind and shop AmazonSmile!


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